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Tabinokura Tono (Souvenir)
Tourist Information Center
Tabinokura Tono (Souvenir)

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A natural and serene location that vividly inspires the world of The Legends of Tono. Shuttle cars available for check in/out and for dinner.


Address 3-145-136 Kokoji, Matsuzaki-cho, Tono, Iwate, Japan
Business hours ---
Closed ---
Fee 6,300 - 8,800 yen per night (inc. tax) with breakfast
Access 8 minutes by car from Tono Station
Parking Free Parking : 7 car spaces

Additional Information

Available Languages Japanese style rooms
Explanation in non-Japanese languages 24 guests
Child-friendly Vegetarian and vegan
Others Possible
No. of rooms English
Max. guest capacity English
Prayer rooms Tableware only
Showers Shuttle service to/from Tono Station (see homepage for details) Reservations can be made from the form on the homepage.