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Tabinokura Tono (Souvenir)
Tourist Information Center
Tabinokura Tono (Souvenir)

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The major production area of Japanese hops, Tono, also known as the motherland of beer, is the only place you can enjoy tours that show you how hops turn into beer. You can do a tour with a beer tourism guide, or a tour where you pair different beers and snacks at craft beer bars and restaurants. Through these tours, you will experience the best cup of your life!


Address 31-19-7 Nukamae, Aozasa-cho, Tono, Iwate, Japan
Business hours Weekdays 9:00 am - 5:00 pm
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Available Languages English (advance notice required) * There is only one staff member who can speak English, so bookings cannot be made on site. Please contact us before applying for the tour.
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Others For beer tourism only: 050-8880-1872 Representative phone number: 050-8880-1870