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Tabinokura Tono (Souvenir)
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Tabinokura Tono (Souvenir)

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Souveniers from Tono

Here are some Tono specialties and souvenirs.

  • Gelato

    Gelato made with milk produced in Tono. Local ingredients are used for flavoring, such as blueberries, mulberry leaves, mud leaves, and hops that makes beer.

    Photo: Tono Dairy Farm, Denshoen Park, Takamuro Suikoen, Tono Furusato Village

  • Juices

    A juice made of ingredients including tomatoes, apples, carrots, blueberries, and other products from Tono.

    Photo: Miyamorigawa Upper Production Association, Nagaryu Shoten

  • Paperweights

    A paperweight with a motif of "Kappa" made from Iwate prefecture's specialty product "Nanbu Tekki". The image of sitting a sitting Kappa is humorous.

    Photo: Chiba hardware store

  • Pottery

    A simple-textured pottery using the Tono soil. In Tono, expressive and cute works based on the familiar demon "Kappa" are popular.

    Photo: Noraya

  • Tono Tsukimoshi Dolls
    Tono Tsukimoshi Dolls

    A doll made by mixing clay and soil together in the Tsukimoushi district of Tono since the Edo period. Popular as a gift to wish luck.

    Photo: Local Dolls and Folk Art Village

  • T-Shirts

    T-shirts featuring characters like the "Kappa" and "Zashiki Warashi" and keywords unique to Tono.

    Photo: Yanaginoshita workshop, Masumi Kikuchi

  • Hops-made Japanese washi paper
    Hops-made Japanese washi paper

    Tono is a place where hops, the raw material of beer, are produced. Accessories made from the hops-made Japanese washi paper have a gentle and elegant look to them.

    Photo: Hop Washi-wo-sodateru association

  • Merchandise (Kappa Goods)
    Merchandise (Kappa Goods)

    There is a bunch of unique and cute kappa products such as "Kappa Capture Permits", key chains and pens.

    Photo: Yanaginoshita workshop and others

Please contact "Tabinokura Tono" for purchasing the listed products.